fitness-balance-ball-chair-0Many at times, people really get sucked sitting on a desk chair for a whole day making them contemplate replacing it with an exercise ball chair. They live on the assumption that a ball chair engages your muscles a bit making you relax. However, they are not always that beneficial as people think. The following are reasons to support this argument.

Sitting on a ball chair for long periods causes fatigue

If you sit on an exercise ball for long hours, you are likely to feel tired. Some do not have back and arm support. Moreover, balls lack stability. You spend more energy when sitting on them.

They cause discomfort

Sitting on a ball chair for long hours can lead to pain. Failure of their producers in designing them ergonomically makes them to cause discomfort. This makes it difficult for an individual to sit on them for long hours. In addition to that, they do not have a reclined sitting position. The discomfort may lead to soft tissue compression.

They are delicate

GaiamBalanceBallChairSitting on a ball chair requires full attention. Losing concentration could make you fall hence cause injury. First time users are likely to lose their concentration. They can also pop making you fall.

It is important to realize that the disadvantages of ball chairs exceed the advantages. They were solely made for people with back pains. They can also be useful to people who want to reduce some weight. Hence, the notion that they are better alternatives to office chairs should stop. Instead, you can choose to alternate both chairs. Alternatively, you can stand occasionally instead of solely sitting on an office chair for long hours. After all exercise ball chairs are not such special as people think. They are more or less the same as normal office chairs.

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