Smoking is an addiction that many people have not been able to relinquish. Many have been hospitalized, taken to rehabilitation centers and others have died due to complications arising from smoking. In the recent past, smoking has been made safer; smokers do not have to inhale all the smoke to get maximum satisfaction. Modern technology has enabled the manufacture of vaporizers. A vaporizer is an electric device that enables concentration of the components of the substance being smoke to unleash a high faster than smoking normally.

Recently, there has been a production of vaporizers specifically of weed. Weed vaporizers make use of an inbuilt heating element to launch conduction or convection current which passes heat through and around the weed. This helps in conserving your weed. Furthermore, vaporizers reduce the amounts of toxic components that may be inhaled thus keeping your mouth, throat, and lungs healthier. Visit for a list of the best vaporizers.

The best vaporizers for your weed

Kind Pen Status portable vaporizer

This has been termed as one of the best weed vaporizers being offered in the market by users. It is simple and portable. It lasts for long and works extremely well. This device uses convention technology to dry and heat your herbs to a set temperature. The vaporizer has a chamber that can retain up to 6 grams of dry herbs.


The Kind Pen Status portable vaporizer has an adjustable range of temperature of 350 Degree Celsius to a maximum of 430 Degree Celsius. This is a good temperature range that will effectively have your weeds heated up. This vaporizer produces quality vapors that get better with each draw you make.

DaBuddha Hands-Free Vaporizer

This vaporizer is acknowledged by both smoking pros and beginners for its immense satisfaction. It is electronic and has a relatively longer life span as compared to other common vaporizers due to its quality materials and components. The cylinder has an allowance which enables air to flow into the vaporizer thus providing a cooling result to the vapor.

The DaBuddha Hands-Free Vaporizer is fitted with a ceramic heating constituent that is effective in the realization of necessary temperatures for vaporization. It is simple and can be carried along in a purse or in the pocket.

Ascent portable vaporizer (Da Vinci)

The Da Vinci vaporizer is one of the eminent portable vaporizers in use today. The device is made of high-quality hard ceramics which are hard to break. Manufacturers articulate that the device has been tested for fragility countless times.
The Da Vinci vaporizer offers a range or temperatures which precisely allow you to adjust and get the desired output. The device has a rechargeable battery which provides you at least 1 hour of continuous usage.


Arizer Air

The vaporizer is fitted with a glass mouthpiece which effectively draws vapor from the chamber. It has a hard body, built to withstand any fall fractures. The vaporizer is also fitted with a rechargeable long lasting Lithium-ion battery from which power is drawn from. The temperature range is between 356- 410 degrees. Such temperatures are sufficient for efficient heating of your weeds.

The Arizer vaporizer is known to aid the user to manage his finances since it is pocket-friendly and has an extraordinary lifetime warranty. It is worth buying.

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