Drug abuse in young women has notably increased in the recent past especially in young women between the ages of 8 and 22 years.That said, here are some causes that contribute to substance abuse among women.

Major Contributing factors for substance abuse in young women

Low self-esteemWSDXAdasdcaSs

Women having self-esteem issues are at great risk of abusing drugs compared to those with higher self-esteem. Amongst teenage girls, social image and beauty concerning body image are key. As such, they may engage in drug abuse to fit in social setups. Moreover, being trendy, cool, and sexy are things associated with substance abuse. As such, most of them are compelled to take drugs to fit in the peer groups. Other than dieting to control their beauty, women may do anything to check on their weight. Therefore, some tend to use drugs often to check on their weight.

History of trauma

Amongst women, physical and sexual abuse are the most common causes of trauma. This may cause emotional distress. As such, Coping up with such can be a big problem. Consequently, women may result in taking drugs to aid in coping up with the situation.

Social pressures

Peer influence is one of the leading causes of drug abuse among women. According to research, women are more likely to be carried away by peer pressure as compared to men. That said, women tend to take up behaviors of those they closely associate. Thus, a woman may start drinking, smoking, or even using other drugs to fit in the peer group.

aSASdaxdASDepression and mental illness

Mental illness sand depression can be traumatizing. Some of the causes that may lead to mental illness and depression are hopelessness and sadness just to mention a few. Due to this reason, many women indulge in drug abuse to self-medicate.

Poor parental-child relations

Lack of communication between a parent and her girl may result in drug abuse at a very tender age. Communication plays a great role when it comes to preventing substance abuse. A girl who has a good relationship with her parents stands a better chance of not engaging in drug addiction. Parents may inform on the consequences of substance abuse, how to say no to drugs, and the alternative for drug abuse.



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